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The Area:
You live in a booming metropolis by the name of Muskogeeland, populated by the proud race of people referred to as the Muskeegians.

The river Arkansas runs close to the city you live in and surrounds you on three sides giving you a strong military advantage if you were to ever be attacked. The river runs from the far north where it’s always winter down south past the city before eventually turning west to bypass the mountains and empty into the sea.

The Mountains of Tallitude: These Mountains are home to a number of mountain clans who are widely regarded as being very fierce and unforgiving fighters. The mountains are home to a number of caves and caverns underneath them as well as an old abandoned castle that was made by the dwarves.

Dwarf-castle: Dwarf-castle was the home of a proud family of dwarves. They were forced out of their old home, according to legend, and relocated here hundreds of years ago. The castle is home to some of the most beautiful architecture that you’ll ever see. It’s widely believed that the castle has been completely explored, but there are occasionally adventuring parties who claim to have acquired a new map exploring the underside of the castle, and none of them have ever made it back to the city… So… adventure hook!

The Lakes of much water: The Lakes of Much Water are a series of lakes that are all interconnected by underwater caverns. They are freshwater lakes that go deeper than anyone has ever had the inclination to explore, though there is wide support to a theory of there being underwater caverns that connect to another place. There are occasionally odd creatures and items that are found on the shores of several of the lakes.

The Green Forest: The green forest is a large wooded area that was once the home of elves. Why none remain is a mystery, but there are still places where you can find parts of their tree-house city intact. No one knows how long they have been gone, but it is known that none of been around for as long as Muskogeeland has been here. The Green Forest is home to the drood rings.

The Drood Rings: The Drood Rings are a large stone structure composed of one giant rock that was carved. Measuring several hundred feet across at the widest part and close to 10 feet tall (imagine a giant Stonehenge that is all one rock with a rock floor too) this area is a complete mystery. It appears to have been cut from the rocks in the mountains.

The Wilds: The Wilds are just like the name describes. They are an uncivilized area that is rarely dealt with simply because there have been no major finds in them. The cost of lives has never seemed justified by the amount of treasure that was reclaimed.

The Plains: The plains are considered the outskirts of civilization. They are home to the occasional farm, a few small villages and a handful of wild animals. They are generally considered to be safe, but will occasionally show that they are indeed home to some wild animals of their own.

The Tower: The tower in an unknown. It is a giant tower achieving almost 200’ of height. There is a massive wall surrounding the tower blocking off a sizable amount of land close to a mile in diameter. It is rare for people to make the journey to the Tower because there is no entrance and there has been an extremely low success rate of people scaling the 50’ walls. Or at least a low success rate of people coming back to the outside of the walls.

Main Page

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